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I don’t imagine that there is much worse that can happen to a guy in a relationship than finding out that your girlfriend has cheated on you. It’s going to wreck you to think about it, that much you probably already know. However, being able to deal with a situation like finding out that your girlfriend has cheated on you will definitely make you stronger than most men are and it can help you to find a situation where that doesn’t have to be something that you have to worry about dealing with at all.

Here are 3 tips that can help you out when dealing with a cheating girlfriend:

1. The worst thing that you can do is to lay all of the blame on yourself.

It’s pretty common for this to happen. A guy will find out that his girlfriend has cheated on him and then he will start to feel like it is all his fault. While there are some things that you might have been able to do differently, don’t forget that it was up to her to do what she did, so most of the blame does reside with her and not with you. Don’t try to make it out to be all your fault.

2. Imagine yourself being with a woman who won’t cheat on you.

This is good to do because you need to know that you don’t have to deal with a cheating girlfriend if you don’t want to. I am not saying that you have to break up with her if you found out that she was unfaithful to you, but you don’t have to assume that all relationships are like that or that is something that you just have to deal with. You really don’t.

3. If you do want to forgive her and work things out, realize that it is definitely going to be a while before you can trust her again.

To think that you can find out that she was unfaithful and then figure that you’ll be able to straight up forgive her and forget about it is kind of unrealistic. There are going to be moments where you feel like she might be up to her old tricks again. There are going to be times when you feel really insecure for no reason at all. That is normal when you are dealing with a situation like this and you have to expect that it will take time to be able to work things out with your girlfriend.

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  • rashest_hippo:

    I was talking to my girlfriend and for some reason out of no where she brought up her ex. It was harmless talk and I’m sure she didn’t think it would be as insulting, hurting, and ego-ripping as it was.
    Well as she stated, her ex is pretty much the perfect man. Tall, dark skinned, handsome, athletic, nice hair, big penis, has money…

    More Info:

    She had to emphasize his schlong the most, which killed my ego. She said he took her virginity with a 9 inch long, 3 inch wide “cannon”, sized up by herself and how she said it hurt so much… Saying the first few sessions he only used the tip… She must have seen how uncomfortable I was, because she tried to make me feel better and say, “oh no but it only hurt the first few times before I felt pleasure… And we broke up a couple sessions after it started feeling good. That’s why I like you, you don’t pleasure me that way and definitely don’t hurt me”… Obviously she’s not good at picking her words. I’m short, chubby, broke from college debt, and not as dark as her “dream man”. And my schlong is definitely not no 9 inches. Barely near 6 and barely hits the 2 inch wide mark. I always knew something was wrong during sex because she was never “feeling the pleasure”.

    I honestly think the only reason she’s still with me is because I’m charismatic, spontaneous, and romantic. I like to stop by one of her classes and drop by some roses and an I love you. I’m always there when she calls me, I always console her, and for the few months we been together not once have I ever made her mad – and when she makes me mad, I keep it inside. I don’t yell or anything. I always buy her sweets and I like to make food. But now I just can’t remove Mr. Perfect out of my head, he perfectly sums up why she always seems bored, like something is missing from her life.

    P.S. – They broke up because he was cheating on her

  • Arminator:

    me and my now ex were together for a little over a year everything was great and we both couldnt be happier. i am 19 and she is 18 years old. about 2 months ago she randomly broke up with me out of no where and said because she needs to finish school and she just has alot going on that she thinks its best if we brake up. i tried talking to her but she wouldnt talk and just made the choice to break up without any talk about how i felt about it. she just left me hanging there. the next day she said she was sorry for everything and we will be back together soon, then later that night i found out she went out bowling with another guy. i confronted her about it and all she did was get really mad at me and said she hates me and told me theres nothing going on. i was so depressed and was drinking so it made it alot worse. i said alot of mean things to her that i shouldnt of said buy then again she deserved everything i said with the way she was acting. few weeks went by and she finally starting talking to me normally. she said we should start over as friends and see where it goes, so i accepted it and we been friends for about a month now and i noticed she been talking to me alot lately just like we use to talk before we got together but it seems like if i dont start the convo she she doesnt message me at all. i really didnt go over a day without talking to her just to see if she will talk to me first. it is way to hard for me. i was talking to one of her female friends about it and she told me there is nothing going on with her and anyone else she is turning into a woman now and needs to worry about herself and her family. a little tip you should all know is that her dad is really sick, he goes to dialysis like every other day. and i understand if the reason my girlfriend broke up with me was because of everything with her family and school. but i dont understand is why she wants to do it by herself. i was always there for her. anyway i want to get back together but since we been friends for a month and everytime i bring anything up that deals with us getting back together she either tells me she doesnt know or just ignores it, im trying to hold on to the last piece of hope we have left to make it work and we both agreed on making things work but still i try so hard but it doesnt seem to matter anymore. and i cant take this anymore. i want to give up but my heart wont let me. i cant just see her as a friend i told her either we try to make it work or im will never talk to you again because im the one that needs to heal. she made it look as if she didnt care at all and left me in the dark just sitting there. i was the best thing that every happened to her. she knows it, her dad and brother knows it and her friend knows it. she been through hell and back with boyfriends that didnt care and treated her like crap and cheated on her. i was her first real boyfriend that cared and loved her and she threw it all away. just 3 months before we broke up i bought her this expensive beautiful diamond necklace and she wore everyday up until we broke up and she told me she still has everything i ever gave her but she is just confused right now. thanks for reading and i know is was long, please give me some good advice thank you.

  • JimT:

    I do have trust issues and i’m not really sure how to deal with them. I think deep down I know my husband wouldn’t cheat on me, but I still have these insecurities which I’m worried will have an effect on our relationship.

    My husband is a really good man, though he did sort of cheat on me when we were first getting together 3 years ago- we were long-distance and I wasn’t that into the relationship, I blew him off a few times. Our circumstances have changed soo much since then, and I know that he’s crazy about me, he told me about the night he cheated and said he felt I wasn’t really into the relationship (which is true), and if he’d known we were going to be anything like we were a few months later, he would never have done it. He said the only thing he could do now is just be honest with me and start a new page because he couldn’t hide it anymore, he cares about me so much. I appreciated he had the courage to tell me. But he has tried hiding a few small things from me too, for example a few times he’s hidden that he’s watching porn. (However he’s since said that he will no longer watch porn and I know for a fact that he hasn’t for about 3 months now) He’s also broken a few promises (over something really stupid but either way, in my head a promise is a promise).

    My trust isn’t what it used to be due to these things, even though he is giving me no reason to believe he would cheat now. He really does treat me so well, and everyone around us says they can see he’s crazy about me. I’ve told my mom about these worries I’m having and she said that man would never cheat on you! He can’t keep his eyes off you!

    Like I said he does lie occasionally about really stupid things, but when it’s something serious I don’t THINK he would. But for example last night, he decided he wanted to shave himself (he’s quite hairy), which he only ever does on special occasions, he shaved his neck, back, chest, stomach, “private area”. He also wanted his best shirt for work today, he also gelled his hair this morning, which he hadn’t done all week, and only two days ago, he’d said the gel makes his hair fall out. He did everything all at once, and even though I know he’s just going to work, I got really suspicious. He got angry at me and said I really don’t trust him at all. I said i do trust him but just sometimes i feel a little insecure. I don’t know how to deal with it, and I don’t really know how to talk with him about these worries, I don’t want him to think I don’t trust him.

    I’m 20, so a young bride, but I’m also very shy and quite insecure, so I know that it is having an effect on my trust. He’s 27 going 28 and I just know he feels past the stage of high school drama and boyfriends and girlfriends. I need to keep up with him and trust him more. Can anyone give me some advice?
    i can’t comment which is really annoying but i just want to say… i’m actually encouraging him to watch porn. i’ve told him i’d rather that then him go to someone else, but he’s adament he won’t anymore, he said he feels it’s wrong and he feels like a pervert when he watches it. but i’m still encouraging him nonetheless. i don’t have a problem with it as such, what i do have a problem with is him hiding it.

  • davemc74656:

    This is a serious situation that has continued throughout my entire life…here’s the story…

    My brother is 26. I’m 20. Since a young age, my parents used to bring us to counseling sessions because he was constantly fighting with me, and I eventually developed a head twitch because of all the hitting, then I developed anxiety/depression around the age of 13 because of the instability at my home. When he was 18, most of the anger towards me stopped only because I yielded to his every move, and did whatever he said. He started to be violent towards my parents. The cops were called to the house 3 times, he hit my dad once or twice, and he threw a household object at my mother. He was told by the police to leave my house… Once he came back after a week, my mother told him to get help for his addiction to alcohol/pot and to seek anger management, or he would have to leave the house. Able to live at his girlfriends rent free, it was an easy decision so he left. A few months later, he busted through the door at my house, why? He was hiding from the cops because he ended up hitting his girlfriend in the face. They eventually came and arrested him, but the charges were dropped. Surprisingly, they married after an unwanted pregnancy a few years later…so now he has a beautiful daughter which worries me even more!!

    He still tells me he’d cheat on his wife if he had the chance.

    He used to perform tricks and cheats to screw over his friends/my friends in card games constantly! This was so he could walk away with hundreds of dollars every night.

    I stopped going to the games because I knew what he was doing, in retaliation for not going over his house anymore he told all of my friends that I was clinically depressed, among other things. Most of those friends don’t talk to me anymore because they hold it against me that I never told them they were being cheated out of money…

    Eventually he got caught for cheating and was literally “thrown” out of an illegal poker club (that MY friends brought him to, they got in trouble as well for bringing him).

    He got arrested for alcohol in his car, and pot TWICE. He ratted out his entire group of friends to the cops and told them that they all smoked weed. He even went on undercover investigations just to bust some of his best friends.

    Recently, him and I have started performing music together in a band. But he calls me every morning when I’m sleeping, just to rant and rant about nonsense. I told him that I didn’t want to play with him anymore because of his anger all the time. As well as the fact that he constantly forgets his parts, and he gets SLOSHED drunk everytime we perform. He also doesn’t listen to people when they talk! So in retaliation for me not wanting to play anymore…

    He admitted during an argument to stealing $250 from me last week out of my wallet…

    I retaliated for the first time in my life, throwing a tub of cottage cheese at his car…sounds funny but I do regret it 100%. I usually don’t do things like that but he made me hit a boiling point.

    For doing that, he came to my house and submerged my $600 Electric Guitar in water…

    Then he told my neighbors and friends (in present time now) that I have mental issues, that’s why I’m unemployed and why I’m always in the house. Also, he told my parents I’m dealing drugs out of the house… I almost don’t know what to do or how to react anymore…he tried to mess up my life so much and he feels like it’s justified to screw over everyone in his path!! He’s STILL contacting my friends and brainwashing them about me! My parents don’t want to be involved anymore, and I just need tips on how to be calm about all of this because it’s very hard…and I need to know what the hell is wrong with him mentally?!

    I’m seeing a therapist about my anxiety and about my relationship with my brother (The same one who told my brother to get anger management), and he’s helping me deal with everything that my brother has been doing to me. But I figured I’d come on here and ask for some more help…and hey I don’t mean to make myself look like Mr. Innocent in all of this but even my therapist says I take way too much blame for everything, so I think it’s just time to put a stop to all of this as soon as I can…

  • XplicitzZ:

    I am in a relationship and wondering if my girlfriend is cheating. Two issues are cause for concern. First, when we have sex, she always requires that I wear a condom. Now this may seem safe but I am recently divorced and have only had one partner for 18 years. Further, I have been snipped so getting pregnant is not an issue. I wonder if she wants me to use a condom bc she is active and she asks all her partners to use one.

    Second, there are times when I think she is sneaking around. For instance, we went to dinner Friday night and then to her place to make love. I had to leave to pick up my son from the airport. At 2:30 am, I get a VM from her saying she needs my help and that I should call. The next day there is complete silence, no response. I finally hear from her Sunday and she says she hit a medium and blew out her tire on Sat. She couldn’t call bc her cell phone was dead. I wonder if she went back out Friday night and hit the medium at 230. When I asked her, she denies it. Oh yeah, on the way home Friday, she is texting someone on my car. Was she setting up a date after I left?

    What do you think? Is my girlfriend cheating?

  • kiltakblog:


    Well the title says enough: How to deal with heavy love pain?

    Now some info.
    My love life… well it just sucks. I’ve only had 3 or 4 girlfriends in my entire life, from which 2 when i was around 10 years old. And the last one was the hardest break up i’ve ever had in my life.

    It was so long ago since i had a girlfriend until i met this beautifull girl, we truly fell in love. At least that’s what i thought.
    I think you people really understand what i mean if i say that i loved her really extremely much and couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was just all i need, someone i loved. Yes it’s hard to explain but you get what i’m trying to say.

    Everything went quite good in my opinion. We liked the same stuff, liked the same food, just so perfect. And yet that is the problem now… even tho it looked like we were made for each other, she cheated on me.
    The toughest part was that i discovered this via her best friend. I asked if it was true what she did, and after some little arguing she finally admitted. It was quite a destructive feeling. Litterly tearing you apart from the inside, knowing your biggest love ever just took a sh*t on you. And yes, as you can see I’m getting a bit irritated when i think about it.

    So now, couple a months later i still feel a mess. I just still love her but we don’t have any contact anymore at all. I still think so much about her… but i think i know we won’t be together ever again. And now i’m suffering some really heavy love pain, often leading to deep depression.

    If you can help me in any sort of way, or have tips for me. Then please take these couple of seconds to help me get over this. I’d really appreciate it.

    I hope something like this will never happen to one of you people, ’cause it’s just a horrible feeling.

  • friendly 4:

    I would be heart broken if my girlfriend cheats on me. So I was going to try to cheat on her and never tell her about it. This way if I ever find out she cheats I can say well that’s ok because I cheated on you too. Then I won’t feel so bad.

  • stingerms:

    So here’s the deal… I’m a sophomore in hs- never had a boyfriend in my life! wow, ikr? The problem w/ me is that I never let ppl in- not even my friends- and when someone gets to close I of course push them away. So now there’s this guy who I actually kinda like and is just starting to become close to me. I’m scared out of my mind tht I’m going to push him away becuz thts just wht I do. So far my timid *** has blew it… sat my him while watching a scary movie-leaned into my friend sitting on my other side, went through house of horrors-didn’t acknowledge him, walked complaining about the cold-nothing. Someone help me!!! What should I do? Make this happen for me before I get scared and run away like I always do… On the outside I may seem like it but I’m really not a bold person :(
    Also he keeps talking about his last almost girlfriend (who I know) and how he’s upset w/ her for leading him on for 3 months. What I’m looking for is when should I be more bold (i.e. hold hands, lean on eachother, etc.) Or is it his responsibility to make the 1st move? idk- 1st time relationship here! He’s experienced- I’m not. HELP! PS- Next time we hang out I don’t want 2 seem so timid, if I ecven get another chance wht should I do? BUT I kinda don’t want to be the 1st to make a move but I don’t want to put a wall up so he doesn’t… Okay I think ths it for now. Help?
    oh && now i have tht butterfly feeling in my stomach and cant stop thinking about him!

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