postheadericon How to Get a Virgo Man to Open Up? Tips to Get Closer

You are falling fast and hard for a Virgo man. Who could really blame you? These men are a cut above the rest in many women’s eyes. They tend to be incredibly intelligent, painfully insightful and when they fall in love, they treat the woman they adore like a Queen. Falling in love with a man like this can feel like a fairytale come true but what happens if he’s not on the same wavelength as you? If you want to ensure that he feels just as close to you as you do to him, there are several things you can do right now. Don’t let a man like this slip away. You’ll soon regret it and you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering whether the “one” got away from you.

Virgo men love women who are curious and knowledgeable. You have likely already noticed that the Virgo man you adore is very interested in many different subjects. These men have a zest for life and for learning. They crave new experiences and information so it’s imperative that when you want to get closer to a man like this that you learn as much as you can as quickly as you can. That’s not to say that you need to cram for your next date with him, but it’s always a good idea to have at the very least a passing knowledge of what’s going on in the world.

If you are passionate about a certain subject, share that with the man you are interested in. He’ll see the excitement in your face and hear the joy in your voice when you talk about it. Don’t be surprised if he wants to learn more about it, even if it’s something as mundane as knitting or something as elaborate as studying prehistoric life. Virgo men are sponges for new information so be certain you can supply him with an endless stream of important things to talk and think about.

Always look your best when you’re with a Virgo man. Virgo men appreciate a woman who takes care of the way she looks. This doesn’t mean that you have to invest in an entirely new, high priced wardrobe. You should keep yourself looking presentable and fashionable though.

It’s also important that you put in some extra effort when you and the man in your life are going on a special date. One common complaint among men who are born under this sign is that the women they date don’t appreciate the value of the evening spent together. Buy a new dress if you two are going out to celebrate a special occasion, be it a birthday or a job promotion. If you can’t afford something from a designer rack, visit the local thrift store. An eclectic fashion sense will always win points with the Virgo guy in your life.

Be strong emotionally if you want him to love you. Virgo men aren’t always as generous as the women they love wish they could be when it comes to compassion. A man like this generally doesn’t have a great deal of patience for a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. Unless you have something monumental to discuss in terms of the relationship it’s best not to bring it up with him. He’ll tire easily if you’re constantly talking about issues that he views as insignificant.

When you do have something to discuss that you believe impacts the foundation of your connection be very direct and succinct with him. Don’t beat around the bush and don’t try and get him to guess what’s wrong. Just tell him and he’ll appreciate you even more. Virgo men love women who don’t mince words and who tell it like it is since that’s the way they handle relationship issues as well.

Let him set the pace of the relationship. Pushing a Virgo man into a more serious relationship than he’s ready for will only result in disaster. The same is true for when you express your undying love to him. The safest route to take with a man like this is to follow his lead. Allow him the ability to set the tone for the relationship and let him guide you, with his actions and words.

A man born under this sign is likely to retreat if he feels that he’s being pressured into something he’s simply not ready for. He won’t hold back when it comes to telling you as much and a conversation like that will not only be uncomfortable it will be emotionally devastating to you, as well.

Enjoy the moments that the two of you do have and don’t try and rush things along. If you truly want to win the heart of the Virgo man take it day-by-day and embrace each and every experience. If he doesn’t feel as though you’re waiting for him to proclaim his love and devotion, he’ll let his guard done and before you know it, he’ll be hopelessly in love with you.

120 Responses to “How to Get a Virgo Man to Open Up? Tips to Get Closer”

  • Boo Cookie:

    I’m a Cancer guy and 5 weeks ago i met a Virgo girl at my workplace…She socially seemed quite confident once you start a conversation but personally she was very shy. At first she would always look away when we made eye contact, If i started a conversation she was very chatty, but otherwise she was very shy to initiate contact with me..if i wanted to talk to her i would have to email her first, or say hello in the corridor otherwise she would blank me practically.
    Over time i would smile at her and she would give me an awkward smile back and our friendship began to slowly open up more and more, Weeks later it still feels like we grow closer every day, chatting and laughing about things…to be honest i really fell for her, perhaps a little too much for my own good.
    The other day, amongst our chatting i complimented how beautiful her hair always was (she changes her styles quite regularly). She didn’t respond or thank me for the compliment but she slipped in at the bottom of her message that she had a boyfriend…however they are not linked on facebook and i have no idea who he is, or even if he exists…although i doubt she would lie to me. I instantly took this as a warning to back off although it could have been accidental.
    This did hurt me a bit that she was taken but i played a brave face and carried on. Weird thing is i can’t shake this hunch that she is intrigued by me…she’s starting to become more excited and a little teasing and competitive in the phone games and things we started to play, and when i Facebook message her, or email her in the workplace she always tells me she appreciates my messages. Shes so shy it’s difficult to tell if shes interested or not but the boyfriend situation is obviously a killer.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    I’m not too sure how a virgo girl thinks but what does this seem like?
    Could telling me she has a boyfriend be a test to see my reaction?
    Or should i just keep some distance from her and get over this? (I feel as a cancerian if i really like someone and i have to be careful to manage my emotional attachments at times)
    Any Cancer tips on dealing with a virgo girl would also be much appreciated..apparently we are a good astrological match.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran:

    I am a Virgo woman and would like to gain a little bit of insight on how to please my Scorpio man. Any hints or tips would be appreciated as I think we are falling for each other, and I (being a true Virgo) want please him.
    Funny you say that … I am with this guy because I feel 100% like myself when I am with him. Believe me … he has seen the crazy .. the funny … the klutzy. He is still around. More in some of the little things.

  • Brody S:

    I know this leo girl shes is Beautiful smart, and has this addictive personality ive never seen ina girl before i love it! I have no problem talking to her we Always are talking always making her laugh shes always looking we always make jokes about being married and sexual jokes here and there… things like teasing each other, anyways ive been reading, and supposedly leo(female), and Virgo(male) Dont mesh, and its the complete opposite! they say virgos are closed minded critical?? Anyways any tips any leos out there can give me i want this to work, and its seems to be going really well so far! how can i be more open minded, and not so critical! and what do leos look for ? We are just friends but we are always flirting? should i complament her? or what? need leos adivce thanks!(:

  • johnkaiser 22:

    what’s her sign and what makes her most attractive? what makes her ideal?
    im born march 1st
    who do i refrain getting closer 2..? what makes her so not for me?h
    wow was married to a cap.. (was)
    she was grudging, pessimistic, insecure in herself and our relationship when other females were around. is this normal?

  • mavis24:

    I need your advice all Virgo men…. Virgo women are also welcome.

    Scorpio woman here. I know this Virgo guy for 2 months. I’ve had a cruch on him the first time I saw him. I only met him once and he didn’t even kiss me, just holding my hand tightly. That’s it.

    Anyways, everything was going perfect at the beginning. During the first month, he used to call me everyday once he gets back from work and we used to spend hours chatting. He was so sweet. He told me so many times that he loves me. We never had sex. I mean real sex… Only phone sex many times (if you can call it sex)!!

    A month later, he became detached, busy and unreachable. He stopped calling me. When I call him, he doesn’t answer most of the time and doesn’t call back. When I finally reach him, he keeps telling me that he’s busy working hard. Since then we only had long chat on the phone once or twice a week whenever he had time. He stopped saying “I love you” but phone sex is the main part of all his calls.
    So, I asked him once if he still loves me. He said he’s attracted to me because I’m innocent, pure, honest, patient, straightforward, trust worthy, ambitious, loyal, ….bla bla bla………
    I was expecting him saying “I love you” the way he used to but he didn’t.. This was driving me crazy.

    I told him that everyone has his minuses and pluses and that the pluses he sees in me doesn’t mean that I’m flawless. I also told him that we have to know each other very well if we are taking our relationship seriously.

    This week I talked to him only once. This was 4 days ago. He called me and we didn’t talk much about anything serious. He was just complaining from this and that as usual and he suddenly wanted a phone sex again. So, I got the feeling that he might be using me or playing games or something.
    I insisted to know if our relationship really means something to him. He impatiently accused me of asking too many questions that he had already answered more than once. He also said that he’s sick of my questions. He told me that he will never share such “special moments” with me on the phone ever again and that he will never ever miss me even in his dreams!!!
    This was very shocking to me and I burst into tears but he was calm and cool. I wanted to explain things to him trying to be open. He said that he usually takes him a while before he feels like talking. He then said “goodbye” and hang up.
    I really miss him veryyyyy much. I kept texting him but he never respond. Did I mess things up?

    I’m scared of losing him… I’m scared of calling him because he told me once that he blocked his ex’s number. What if it’s my turn??

    Has he broken up with me? Have I already lost him? Is it possible to win him back?

    Please advise!
    Sun: Scorpio
    Moon: Scorpio
    Mercury: Sagittarius
    Venus: Scorpio
    Mars: Virgo
    Jupiter: Leo
    Saturn: Pisces
    Uranus: Virgo
    Neptune: Scorpio
    Pluto: Virgo
    Lilith: Pisces
    Asc node: Taurus

    Sun: Virgo
    Moon: Aquarius
    Mercury: Libra
    Venus: Virgo
    Mars: Libra
    Jupiter: Aries
    Saturn: Aquarius
    Uranus: Virgo
    Neptune: Scorpio
    Pluto: Virgo
    Lilith: Scorpio
    Asc node: Cancer

  • isk8at818:

    Now that I think of it, I’ve never had a very close Virgo friend, so I don’t know what they’re like as a good friend. and I’ve always been curious why the sign is also represented by the virgin.

  • Jamal:

    I met this Virgo guy. He seems to be pretty down to earth and witty. I don’t meet many Virgo’s men, therefore I don’t really know what type of guys they are personality wise.

    I’m just interested in knowing what you think about this friendship combination.

  • Sahil:

    I have a Virgo sun and the rest of my chart is airy.. I mean without this placement I would be a really cold person.. I already have capricorn in 7th house, its really hard for me to open up to people… I just hate this position because I’m really friendly, but once I feel threatened and stuff I cry and spend a long time crying without having a reason to. Its annoying because I get so moody and I need to spend a long moment to be with myself. Is anyone else cancer rising who’s like this? Mine is in 3rd decan (Pisces), and I have a sun in Neptune… I’m a really sensitive person I hate it :( I don’t know how to stop being sensitive. And since I have a Capricorn descendant I attract “emotional cold” men who don’t know how to handle me when I’m sad. My moods change a lot, and with gemini in 12th house I need space to think to myself. I can’t be in a large crowd, or even family. I’m a bit too emotional eventhough that;s the only sign I have that’s water. Its so complicated.

  • Mackenzie P:

    My husband is a capricorn and I am a virgo. We are not planning to have a child yet but when we do plan on having a baby are there any horoscope signs that works well with this combination?

  • krow147:

    How do you know when a Virgo female is interested…. Cos some Virgo’s have phases where they try not to be interested so as to figure out exactly what they want. So how can you figure out if they’re interested but are just going through the phase where there trying to figure it all out?

  • Cliffy N:

    In one website I found that Fire and Earth are physical ,water and Air are mental.

    But so many websites claim that Virgo is a mental earth sign and Sagittarius is a mental fire sign.

    Is it because they are very smart?

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    What kind of signs do they give off??

    Virgo sun
    Aquarius moon
    Libra mercury
    Virgo venus
    Scorpio mars

    How would this guy act if he likes a girl?
    Do virgos like a girl for a long time or get over the girl quickly?
    If he like the girl last year, what are the chances he still likes her now?

  • turg143:

    Im a virgo with a cancer rising
    He’s a pisces idk his rising
    My venus is libra and his is in capricorn.

  • Dana G:

    I’m an Aquarius [February] girl and I have a terrible passion for a Virgo [August] man. He seems much more cool about the relationship than what I am feeling. How do I drive him to the same level of passion as me? What just makes a Virgo man fall wildly in love?

  • sick_mick_101:

    I have Virgo Moon, But honestly theres nothing exciting about it.They say Virgos have gifted qualities and most people would appreciate them.But why is this?

  • Kobe:

    I hear this frequently. That a Scorpio woman is every Virgo man’s secret fantasy. But why are they so perfect for each other? And where does the attraction come form? This is the most passionate combination in the zodiac.

  • fattiemanny:

    i’m a virgo girl and i’m in a relationship with taurus guy.i just want to know if there is any problems these two signs often have.

  • mrankinmatt:

    I have scorpio in 3 degrees for my sun sign, virgo in 4 degrees rising, and pisces in 28 degrees moon sign.

    What can you tell me about myself?

  • Wooooody:

    And what are the signs that Virgo man is NOT interested. How can I figure out that he is or is not interested in me?
    PLEASE MAKE a LIST, just a point form.
    List as much points as you know.
    @ Michael R: Thank you for correcting my sentence, but I am (Cancer female) dating this Virgo man for more then a year already and we are doing great. So, please, give serious mature answer to my question or do not answer at all.

  • Con Orpe:

    Im a virgo and i want to know what stuff is with it. Am i supernatural or what?

  • Blake:

    The guy I like is a Virgo with a moon and venus in cancer. Im a taurus with a moon in cancer.
    Any helpful information? Good and bad points?

  • JDOGG1122:

    I would like to know if there is a difference between a virgo born in august and a virgo born in september. I have heard that they are dramatically different, with of course, the exception of universal virgo traits. I’m curious especially with August 31 and September 12. Is August more prone to Leo behavior and more compassionate? Thanks.

  • Jermaine J:

    She’s a Virgo (Sept.18) and she is very shy and rarely sais anything to anyone besides her best friend.

    How do i get a Virgo girl without scaring her off or creeping her out?

  • Only Business:

    I stopped talking to the virgo for awhile because I thought he wasn’t interested. He contacted me one day and said that I hurt his feelings for not talking to him for some time.

  • Bryan J:

    Compared to Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, all of which are “adaptable” to others for the most part…?

    Gemini changes their mind a lot.
    Sagittarius is “go with the flow.”
    Pisces can adapt to other peoples’ moods.

    I have not noticed these traits in Virgo’s. I sense the “earthy” vibe from them, not so much the “changeable”.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Bryan J:

    I have been in a friendship for also 2 years with a virgo man whom i adore……But he sends me so many mixed signals im going crazy Can anyone Virgo male/female experienced, please tell what are the good signs this is going strong and positive in the right direction as being a committed relationship

  • Dr Dorian:

    If a virgo guy’s been hooking up with this girl a few times, what’s going to make him want a relationship?

  • Ryan Z:

    I’m supposed to be moving into an apartment with 2 Capricorns and a Leo. We’re all pretty mellow and neat freaks. My personality is such a Virgo. I fit the description perfectly. So do you think this could work or is this a disaster waiting to happen?

  • louisewoods1984:

    I have dated Libra’s, Sags, a Leo, a Capricorn, a Gemini, been interested in an Aqua as well (my sign) but for some reason the most least incompatible sign according to the horoscopes is virgo yet I seem to get along just fine with my husband/best friend. He means life to me itself. He treats me like a princess, is loyal and so devoted to me and our relationship. He would walk to the ends of the earth just to be with me or please me. I have seriously never met anyone like this before in my life and only believed men like this to be in a dream. We have very similar views, goals and life aspirations etc. I can’t put into words how amazing he is. Sometimes I will randomly google stuff of Virgo men and people call them awful things and they don’t seem to apply to my husband at all. My husband is faithful, loyal, romantic, compassionate, devoted, honest (sometimes too honest) and everything I could ask for in a mate and friend.

    Any women out there if you have any interest in a Virgo man, I suggest you go for it because you won’t regret it and I certainly have not regretted it.
    Another great thing about them is that they aren’t liars! They are extremely reliable and so much that everyone trusts them. They seem to exude a sense of security and wisdom. They are trustworthy individuals. Also very sexy! And intelligent. One major thing I like about virgos namely t husband is how reliable they are. They aren’t full of shīt like other signs and would never lie to you with the intention of hurting you.

  • white man:

    My Scorpio best friend has absolute compassion and tolerance for her scores of Virgo friends complaints and problems but blows up at me for saying the exact same things. I have been an incredible friend which they have admitted yet I catch the most hell. What gives?

  • Blake:

    Imagine a Virgo and Libra visiting your house, who is more likely to slide a finger on the table or staircase ceiling to see if it’s dirty?

  • Maggie:

    In my birthchart my mars sign is virgo. What does that indicate? And what does the mars planet in one’s birth chart in general mean?

  • Hannah:

    There is this virgo girl that I have a big crush on. I’ve been trying to become closer friends with her but she seems to be so unresponsive to anything I try to do to get through to her.

    I know every virgo description says they like clean, tidy, on-time intelligent people and etc. but they never say how virgos BECOME comfortable with the few friends they make! It seems impossible for the virgo to ever become comfortable with me and start expressing herself around me!

  • ScRSC:

    I’m a Virgo and I’m just curious as to what my qualities are supposedly like since I have this sign. And also, if my sign is compatible to the zodiac sign for someone born in January or just who I’m compatible with in general. Thanks!

  • Kaylla:

    I am a pisces girl and I like a virgo guy. He is like the most amazing person I have ever met before, but what makes virgo’s so likeable? I just can’t figure it out but there is an amazing glow to him.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    My male friend is a virgo tiger and is being very slow to commit to dating me. He kissed me after 7 months and it is still progressing very slowly as he is so cautious and keeping his options open – any tips?

  • happyha31:

    Have you ever met a virgo girl who was very confident? How where they?

  • Cpt Excelsior:

    Virgo as I’ve read is already pretty compatible with Scorpio but does the cancer moon improve that? What would be the best moon for the scorpio to have in return?

  • Jon P:

    Me and my best friend want to have a threesome with this Virgo girl. How do we go about asking her? If I asked her straight up would she say yes? Im a Cancer, my friend is a Scorpio, and she is a Virgo. We hang out a lot. If you are a Virgo would this offend you? We just want to have fun
    She always is down to chill with us and play games too
    No this is not a troll im like legit serious, I need advice or im just going to go and straight up ask her
    me and my friend are guys scorpio and cancer

  • rndmaktn:

    i’m planning on getting a small virgo sign tattoo near my hip bone but i want it to look nice and unique. i need some ideas for how some look like.

  • ademuth93:

    im slightly into the astrology thing, western astrology as well as chinese astrology and numerology say me and my b/f are very well compatable.
    im a taurus and he is a virgo. im a snake and he is a dragon. my number is 3 and his is 1.
    in any of these examples what causes people in these relationships not to work?

  • Oilers:

    Hi guys,

    I am a virgo male and am trying to get a sagittarius woman to like me. What are some things that sagittarius women like about virgo men?

  • Michael K:

    Just curious, because I hear that Virgo (myself) and Pisces (boyfriend) are complete opposites, but made perfectly for each other? I prefer your own knowledge rather than copy-and-paste, but if it seems accurate than sure! Also, how would the sex life be if you know? :P Thank you everyone.

  • louisewoods1984:

    How do you predict this 20 something year old Virgo sun and mars in 10th house, Pisces moon in 4th house, Venus and pluto in scorpio in the 11th house And Sagittarius ascendant would decorate their first apartment? Would she live alone or with roommates? How would she treat her home?

  • TommyKay:

    The Virgo man I love lives in New York, and I live in Nevada. I want him to relocate to my state?

  • Chester:

    Im really interested in this virgo guy! i think he is too, but i think he might be shy? but there’s a scorpio guy who i think likes me too. they have both dropped subtle hints they’re interested. really, i want the virgo guy to make a move, but which one actually will?

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    Virgo male, Femaile gemini.

    Detailed answers are much appreciated thanks guys!

  • Courtney:

    I’ve been conversing with this virgo male for a few weeks and he is hard to figure out! I’ve looked up many things about virgos! Some things are very clear, they are typically hard works and they are all about things being clean! This is not what I want to kno! I would Like to be able to tell if he is interested in me or if he just wants a fling! Please help!

  • Derek:

    I’m wondering what type of people will I attract since I have virgo ascendant will I marry a pisces?
    Will I only attract people that uses me because of pisces in the 7th house of cusp? My Juno is in sagittarius will I attract sagittarius mate?

    Venus in Scorpio
    Mars in gemini
    Would water/air sign be attracted to me?

    If having venus conjunct pluto will I attract abusive obsessive person?
    Does having a virgo rising give you a bad love life?

  • Lasagna delivery guy:

    I’m a Cancer girl who recently started dating a Virgo guy, and although things are going well, I keep worrying and thinking about things I may be doing wrong, because I’m not used to a guy who is difficult to read like this one is. How should a Virgo & Cancer begin a relationship, in terms of communication, when to start having sex, etc. We’re both 20.

  • Stevalicious:

    My mom was a Virgo, I didn’t know her because she passed away when I was a baby and my dad is a Libra. I’m a Virgo and my boyfriend is a Libra, do they generally make good parents?

  • kamikami:

    I read that they are both distant types. But that when they committ they fully commit. But Virgo and Aquarius are very different signs.

  • RichT:

    Do you know any virgo girls? If so, what comes to mind as something you think all virgo girls have in common/what do you notice as common personality traits of virgo girls?

  • Seth:

    What is the compatibility of a Virgo and Scorpio. Give me details about the relationship please. I don’t really believe in horoscope compatibility, but I’m just curious.

  • ericmreitz:

    There’s no Virgo in the chart except for the Rising, and I’ve noticed a pattern with this person only ever liking Virgo females.

  • Bryan J:

    I know a few female Virgos and most are kinda nice and sweet. I just wanted to know if there is anything I am missing. I’m a Libra by the way. I’m sort of interested in a Virgo but I’m getting a bit nervous if we both enter a relationship together because I’ve gone out with a Virgo before but our relationship faded away. If she becomes my girlfriend, I want us to last long. How are they with Libra males?

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    My boyfirend is a virgo im a female taurus. We argue alot is this becase of our signs? Are we compatible?

  • Moore, Ron:

    Me and my Virgo friend used to be BFFs and then after a few years we grew apart kind of but know we’re close friends but not the closest. I have an Aquarius BFF and I can tell Virgo is jealous because we are super close. Help me and tell me things, tips, anything to get closer to Virgo!

  • EzioAuditore1459:

    I’ve known a Virgo male for a week now.When we’re together I notice that the convo is superb and we each manage to make severe eye contact.When I’m not looking into his eyes..I notice throughout my peripheral vision that he is still staring at me.From the Virgo men that you all know is that a characteristic of theirs? I am a Pisces female.

  • Joey 01:

    I know someone who hates being a virgo. She thinks that her sign is the most boring. She says that the only good things are that they are hardworking ( perfectionist)
    is virgo the most orderly and neat out of all the signs? WHat do virgos have that the other signs don’t?

  • Christopher J:

    I went through a bunch of horoscopes and they say Virgos are sensible to their surroundings, while Pisces are sensible to feelings, what is the difference, really? 10 points to best answer.

    Thank you… :)

  • homerliveshere:

    Just tell the good and bad about a leo and virgo. Then tell me which one you like better.

  • The Beatles:

    I’m not criticizing Virgos- I just wondered if others have to have things just right like a couple of other Virgos I know.
    I wish I was a bit more organised!

  • have faith:

    I know leos and virgos don’t really go hand in hand and there can be conflict. How do you avoid the bad? Did it last?

  • kerrin marz:

    Can you explain a virgoes personality and wich sign is it compatible with?
    Just wondering..Im a 15 year old female virgo?

  • Stevalicious:

    I’m asking this because most of the Virgos I know seem to hate Aquarians, which I don’t understand. I love Aquarians and their ‘out there’ way of thinking and their willingness to share themselves with the world. But Virgos don’t seem to like them. Why is this?

  • Sonny:

    It’s funny because a lot of Grammar Nazis I’ve seen had all been Pisces, the polar opposite of Virgo. How weird is that? Don’t you think it’s supposed to be the other way around since Virgos are naturally analytical and critical with what ever they do? Well, unless they have some aspects/placements in their chart that might have offset those traits …

  • mendhak:

    He also has a cancer moon.

    We flighted and I Became aggressive and offended and distrusted him. I know he likes me and we understand each-other, but he dosn’t show enthusiasm. I want to make him adore me, What do you think I should do?

    I have a virgo sun and a leo moon.

  • Nick:

    listed here our birth chart…if anyone can translate or point out,,if we could last…or If our relationship is for a life time…thanks much

    Sun Sagittarius /
    Mars Libra/
    Pluto Scorpio/
    Lilith Aquarius/
    Asc nodeGemini/

    his birth chart

    ohh…gosh,,he has only 1 sag.on his birthchart..whereas Virgo at all…

    oh :(

  • John G:

    What are some characteristics of a Virgo.

  • Gage:

    im a virgo and i wuz just wondering

  • Scorch Delta-62:

    How compatable is a Gemini, Female and a Virgo, male?

  • JackReynolds:

    especially a virgo guy?

  • Zanto:

    Are a female virgo and a male leo compatable?

    What are the astrology signs a virgo is compatable with?

    Are two virgos compatable???

  • United:

    I’m a cancer and my boyfriend is a virgo

  • Ryan Z:

    How do Virgos act …

  • Muzahid:

    im a virgo and i dont know anything about my sign

  • Squall Leonhart:

    I have Virgo in mars and Venus what does this mean Im lost?
    Virgo mars?
    Virgo venus?
    Does this mean im romantic or something?
    Thanks for you help everyone

  • mendhak:

    Like what is my lucky colour my lucky animal number etc… BTW, are virgo and virgo compatible? I’m a virgo Aquarius moon

  • borabora5524:

    i am a virgo

  • brincks26:

    whats the best match for a sun in gemini moon in virgo

  • The Beatles:

    leo/ virgo boarderline tell me why please

  • stingerms:

    Aries girl, Virgo boy

  • Con Orpe:

    Do virgos hate them selves? If so WHY??

  • evangldbrg:

    a good match? sexually compatible? is it better dan virgo and virgo?

  • Samuro:

    Are a Virgo woman and Capricorn man compatible?

  • Clayton Cottrell:

    My horoscope is virgo who am i most compatable with??

  • everydayGuitarist:

    are pisces and virgo a good match for romance?

  • nothin_nyce1:

    How does Virgo affect me? I have Virgo in Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter.

  • Mathew:

    What might a woman look like if she had a Virgo ascendant?

  • Lasagna delivery guy:

    Are all Virgo’s Virgins?

  • Coffee t:

    My birthdays August 25 1996, so i’m a virgo. Does anyone know any weird or fun facts about virgos or the year of the Rat??? Thankz ssssooooo much!!

  • davemc74656:

    Aquarius girl, Virgo guy

  • Disrae:

    what is the compatiabiltyof a virgo sagittaruis

  • mike s:

    Do virgo’s and cancers get along well, im a virgo and I wanted to know if virgo’s make good friends with cancers

  • Death Knight:

    Pisces is said to have a combination of all 12 zodiacs, and can absorb peoples Aura and mimic them.Why are they so mythical? Not only that but How the hell is a Virgo suppose to compete with that? or even its opposite for that matter? Could Virgo be the most realistic sign of the zodiac, yet strictest?

  • Death Knight:

    virgo info!

  • evil chevy:

    Please tell me what you know about Virgo men?

  • Taylor2k:

    What are some virgo traits?

  • sethburger:

    I’m a virgo. What does that mean? Who do i get along with? What is a virgo’s personality?

  • Jose B:

    I’m a Virgo and want to see how other people see me? Do people like Virgos or not? Who are we compatible with?

  • stingerms:

    Is aug. 30 a virgo?

  • Mark:

    Im a virgo and I’m curious if Im like other virgos.
    im a girl and in my young teens.

  • altair:

    I”m getting a little depressed because I just read how controlling and mixed with perfectionism a virgo can be. I’m a Virgo. :’( and yes, I like to have a ‘plan’ and can be an idealist, so…do most people avoid Virgos generally.
    {I’m not into horoscope predictions, but the ‘personalilty traits’ of each sign seem to be correct from my experience.}
    BQ: Who likes a virgo personality?

  • Keaton:


    I’ve heard a lot of negative things from people in general or couples about this match. I’ve also heard positive things but not many. My boyfriend and I get along so well. It’s weird because for some reason, I attract A LOAD of Aquarius men. I don’t know why. I have to say, it was an immediate attraction both physically and mentally, we just — clicked. When we first met, he would tell me we’ll grow old together. I thought he was crazy for saying that. I am not someone easily swayed nor wooed. He said he fell in love with me because I was different from any girl he has ever met. I had a mind of my own, independent, strong willed, funny and grounded. I guess more importantly, he liked the fact that I could hand him his own ass when we’d tease each other for fun, lol. I’m very witty.

    Ever since then, he asked me to move in with him and I did. Normally, I would have said, “No.” Just, flat out, no. But it was different with him, I felt like I found the one person I was meant to be with and he feels the same. We’re very open with our relationship, meaning, he’s like my best friend and my soulmate. We tell each other everything and we also have things in common. He said he wants to marry and a lot of times, I catch him talking to other people about how I’m going to be the wife of his kids one day. We’re both on the same page though, we’re not in a rush to the alter or have kids, it’s something we would like to do when we’re a bit older. One day we want to. We’re both happy with being together in a committed monogamous relationship. I have been with him and there isn’t a day either of us can bear to spend it apart. Of course our relationship isn’t perfect. We’ve had ups and downs, arguments and all of that. Over time, we’ve learned a lot about each other and we’ve gotten so much better with communication when we’re angry, we get closer every day. At first, I thought he was a Capricorn, but it says he is an Aquarius. Sometimes he seems like he is a mixture of both.

    Our astrological information:

    Virgo – sun sign
    Sagittarius – rising sign
    Aries – moon sign

    Aquarius – sun sign
    Sagittarius – rising sign
    Capricorn – moon sign

    So, speaking of “compatibility based on astrological info”, would this be a good match? AND BEFORE ANYONE tells me this stuff doesn’t matter, I KNOW it doesn’t calculate the accurateness in our lives. I am just curious how either spot on these things can be or how off it can be FOR FUN.

  • superdork:

    Compatibility if Virgo and Taurus

  • Marshal:

    Which signs goes best with Virgo? In a realtionship or in friendship?

  • Andrew S:

    some answers please from virgo males exspecialls this time please thanks.
    Chemistry in pretty woman julia Roberts (scorp) and Richard gere(virgo) reminds me of me nad someone actullay in reality was good even though that was a movie, still favourite film and anyway i personally think it works, my bestfreind is a virgo Female, and virgo males i have met get attachedt to me quickley, maybe out of curiosity and mystery or instant attraction. But what are your experiences please someone who has been in this relationship let me know what do virgo males think of the Scorpio and would you prefer the scorpio to the piseces in arelationship if you have ever met one? Just asking two famales attracted to male virgo scorpio and pisces friend.

  • Jeracoo L:

    is 2 virgos a good match or bad (y?)

  • toast:

    what makes virgo so mean?

  • Eric:

    What is the best fit match for a Virgo Female?

    Sun – Virgo, Moon- Aries, Ascending- Scorpio.

  • Scott Bull:

    What does the sign virgo mean?

  • Andre:

    Do Arians and Virgos get along?

  • mmminja:

    can you tell me all about aries and virgos?
    in this situation the aries is a girl and the virgo is a boy.

  • kewlflame14:

    im a virgo, i wish to learn.

  • nothin_nyce1:

    iama virgo my boyfriend is a libra

  • Paul M:

    What are the main characteristics of a virgo?

  • Boo Cookie:

    Im wondering what women are best compatible with Virgo men.
    And Im september 3.
    And if Im looking for the soft passive type which one would it be?

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    Also does two virgo’s make a good match?

  • Anny:

    He also has a cancer moon. We flighted and I Became aggressive and offended and distrusted him. I know he likes me and we understand each-other, but he dosn’t show enthusiasm.

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