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Since your ex boyfriend broke up with you are you sitting by the phone waiting for him to call? Do you check your text and email every few minutes to see if he has communicated with you? If you are this is normal, but it will not get your ex back. This just what he expects you to do and it allows him to play with you like a puppet. This just feeds his ego and he has no worries about losing you.

He might even send you a text now and then and you almost break your neck to answer it. However, by answering his text or emails, you are only adding to his confidence and comfort. Your ex boyfriend is only giving you hope of getting him back so he can keep you hanging around. You are nothing but a fly in his web and he will toy with you until he gets bored and dumps you for good.

You can’t make a man crazy with desire if you are too easy. Men only want what is difficult to get and as long as you play his game, you are not being hard to get. The reason he was fascinated by you when he first met you, was because you did not show any interest in him and that posed a challenge for him. To get back the man you love, you have to be a challenge again.

You have too much dignity and pride to let your ex boyfriend or any other man treat you like dirt. There are plenty of men who would do anything to have a woman like you, but if you only want the one who dumped you then you have to make him crazy with desire for you again. To do that you have to be strong enough not to answer his text or emails. If he calls you have to let him leave a message.

But, you have to make up your mind to see it through. If you only ignore him for a few days and then start answering his communications again, you will be showing him that he can have you anytime he wants you. This is your future because if you give in now, he will always know that all he has to do is walk away from you and he can have his way.

If your ex boyfriend is really in love with you, he will respect your feelings and offer to talk out your problems. A relationship is a give and take proposition. If you have to do all of the giving and your ex boyfriend does all of the taking, what chance of happiness can you expect? You will always be afraid to say or do anything because you might upset him. Living life that way is no life at all.

Now is the time to make your stand or he will be wiping his feet on you like a door mat for good. But, once he sees you mean business, your ex will realize how much he misses, his desire for you will return and he will never want to be without you again.

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  • JackReynolds:

    I have been trapped in his house for over a week so far and was bored. I found a cd and came across a love letter he wrote to his ex when they were together with a sincere apology for something stupid. They only dated for 2-3 months and supposedly she was a bitch and even cheated on him. Me and him however have been dating for over a year. For our 1 yr anniversary 2 weeks ago he did nothing, much less has he ever writen me a poem or letter. I am 100% faithful, make him my priority, give him full body massages and bjs and sex and always shower him with compliments. I am grumpy over a lot of stuff he has said and done lately, and this just puts me in a worse mood. Should I mention this to him, even though I was snooping?
    I tried saying it on the phone today, but couldn’t bring myself to and he called me crazy and hung up. :(
    I asked him last night about love letters and he said he would have to really really like the person and it would take months or at least days on end to write. I’m so jealous…I have told him numerous times how much a love poem would mean to me. He has never even given me a sincere apology…
    Should I mention this to him…? Thanks ^^

  • ttocs:

    I’m a 19 year old lady. I lost virginity like 4 years back with a guy whom I really didn’t like/love. after that, I always kept myself reserved.. I never really liked guys; I thought all guys were similar; or at least that’s what I tried to convince myself into. but there’s a saying that, “everybody needs a *someone* “; you can’t deny that no matter how much you lie to yourself. I’ve been alone for all these years; I always tried to find someone to love me crazy… but I never found. I don’t like short-term relationships, coz they remind me of my ex. They say that once you have lost *it*, it’s very hard to keep yourself from doing it anymore. well I can relate to it now. I kept myself from it for 4/5 years.. I don’t know if I can take another year or two. There’s this physical desire that plays a role. Now, there’s this guy that I really fell in love with lately. He knows; but he has a girlfriend. I’m not the type to take a man who already has a woman.. but for some reason I really like him a lot. I wonder if it has anything to do with my physical desire. I been thinking about him pretty deep lately… I went too far thinking about him.. I keep seeing a future w/ him when he’s already taken. so anyways.. I wanted to know whether some of you guys have felt the same or can relate to my situation.. I don’t know if I should still keep myself from it until I’m engaged.. or should I just let it happen. I know I’m over 18, but I have a strong conscience. I don’t want it haunt me down later on. basically I wanna know, should I still control my physical desire? is that the best solution to it?

  • turg143:

    I had a dream the other night about my mother who is deceased and the woman I love who I lost. The two of them were spending time together in a school. The dream was for two days…..The first day I was hugging the woman I love so tightly with my mom looking on. They were both wearing white. The second day of the dream my mom wasn’t there but i went back to the school looking for the woman I love and was told she wasn’t there that day. I asked where she was and was told she was in court with her ex-boyfriend. The dream felt like it was so real that I could have touched and kissed my mom. I am asking this question because the woman that I love was always very interested in learning about my mother. I haven’t seen her in a year but there have been some crazy things happening in my life that seem to be drawing me back to her. I have also been having a recurring dream where her and I are either in a school or hospital together and she usually yells at me in the hospital or just wants to sit together or hug when we are in the school. Last night i had a dream where my mother and i were in prison together. I have never tried to read into a dream before but I am curious about this one. Thanks

  • Peter:

    I have known my bf for 10 years been with him 2 years. Growing up I always assumed his mother passed away. They were raised by their dad, and I never heard him speak of her. Few months after dating he took me to a town 45 miles from where we live and asked if I wanted to meet his mother? Upon meeting her, I knew instantly she was on some sort of drug. After talking to him, I discovered she is addicted to meth. This woman has made my life and mental stability hell. My bf was in a relationship with another woman for about 2 years previous to dating me. They lived with his mother for a short time, she became pregnant. He left her due to discovering she cheated. Months went by and he was missing his kid. After speaking to his ex, she literally dropped the child off at my house and left! We had the kid few months tell she would get mad, then she’d make my bf’s mother come get him. Her addiction would interfere and she would use so we would go get the kid. My bf’s ex after 7 months of being kid less got engaged and wanted to play mommy again. She ripped him from our home. After months of drama with the baby mama I advised we have a DNA test and get custody rights. The DNA test came back and he was NOT the father. His mother continues to go see the ex and the kid to this day! THE DNA TEST CAME BACK NEGATIVE, and she just doesn’t get it! She doesn’t even make an effort to get to know me or my kid. She recently attended the wedding of his ex, sends her gifts and money. I am trying to cut her from my life completely. I blocked her number and refuse to go anywhere around her. Only time she ever call us is when she wants money and come to find out she is mailing it to my bf’s ex! I understand the child was part of their lives for 2 years, but like I told my bf all we are doing is confusing him. He has a real dad, and now a step dad. We need to move on! His mother refuses, and is constantly bragging to us she seen the kid. I know my bf loves his mother but how can I help teach him tough love? It just hurts my bf knowing the child wasn’t his after raiseing him for 2 years. I am just trying to pick up the pieces and move on. Not to mention I don’t want my child around his drug addicted mother!
    I just feel all it is doing is confusing that poor little boy. We did truely adore him. He called me mom (which I corrected him), my bf’s mother mom (which she allowed), and his own biological mother mom! And he has a real dad, my bf whom he called dad, and now a step dad. The whole thing is a mess! My heart aches for this lil boy, I can’t help but to think he is just being confused and misguided! I just feel like time is being taken from her “real” family and the issues they have with her drug abuse. She spends more time fixtated on the “what could have been” rather than spending wuality time with her “blood” grandchuldren and family. She has called me by the ex gf’s name several times, and I hate it! I do not and will not talk to her. I want nothing to do with her, I have spoke to my bf about this SEVERAL times and he agrees but continues to talk to her, and even invited her to go camping with us. WE fight about it often. It’s hard because thats his MOTHER. She is constan

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