postheadericon Sometimes Too Fast is Just Too Fast When You Want Him to Commit

It's funny how when you get that feeling like the guy you are dating is definitely someone you want to be with, maybe even settle down with – a part of you kind of expects that he is going to be feeling the same exact way.

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  • Goe122:

    I had to have my hubby committed last week because he was going down hill so fast and started cutting himself and i just thought there was no other way. So i went and saw him yesterday and he was a mess just so out of it and just not doing well but isn’t suicidal and he is getting the help he needs.And i have just been missing him so much i am 34 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and i am scared he will miss the birth of our son. And that scares me more then anything because i will be alone and i am just regretting having him committed but at the same time it was for his own good and i didn’t want to lose him. Just really second guessing myself and such but his parents and family and such think i need the right thing but it doesn’t feel like it. And then my sister came over yesterday and said me wearing my hubby’s boxers and over sized shirts cause i miss him is pathetic and wrong.

  • Ramblin Spirit:


    Now i tuning some process, need to know when select data from DB need to include Begin, Commit and rollback??is it without Begin, Commit and rollback can be more faster?i scare if i remove Begin, Commit and rollback it will keep holding the server memory used…

    **if possible can you left ur MSN or YM address?

  • Taylor2k:

    I’ve been battling depression for a long while now, gone to numerous psychologists/therapists/psychiatrists and none helped, in fact it’s gotten worse and I just wanna end it all. I’ve tried hanging myself but I didn’t tie the rope right or something. I do not want to talk to anyone I just wanna end my life because I hate myself and I find only misery. I have no friends. Can’t hold a girlfriend. Get made fun of by random people on the street. I’m excersising and counting calories to the point where it hurts. I’m extremely self conscious, and I’m a guy so most people depict me as homosexual because of this. Plus I argue with my family every day. I can tell they can’t take it anymore. Please don’t tell me not to kill myself I can’t deal with life anymore…I just would like to be happy and I can’t no matter what I do, I’ve tried hobbies but I usually get mad at myself because all hobbies I’ve tried are either in sports or music and you need talent for that. I just want to die… I’m 13 if that helps

  • Melanie:

    I am a male muslim I live in Canada I pray not 5 times a day but I try to do as much as I can on average is 3 maybe 4 but I am wondering if you dont completely pray 5 times a day is it for sure you will be sent to hellfire? Also I have never drank alochol had sex or ate pork, but I do go to the clubs even though I dont drink I have also went to strip clubs and I have had girlfriends and even though I did not have sex with them I have still kissed them or touched them. I swear sometimes and girls are a problem for me I always fall for them and I want to be with them. I have masturbated i used to do it all the time but I am trying to stop, now I know all of these are haram but I still have done it sometimes I cant control urges but I always just ask for forgiveness and sometimes it happens again and i pray for forgiveness again its became a repetitive progress. I eat also meat that has not been said allahs name upon in other words haram like mcdonalds eating chicken pizza from pizza hut and so on but this is because my parents have moved back to pakistan and I cant cook so unfortunately I am here studying until i get an education and job but is the food wrong to eat that allahs name hasnt been said upon. Now what I am wondering is what should I do to stop all of this by all means I follow islam just i have my downfalls so what I was wondering is will I go to hell by doing all of these things? and what if one day I ask for forgiveness and never commit haram ever again will I be forgiven and sent to heaven? please help me out thanks

  • rndmaktn:

    I am going to go through the background process for a local department soon, but I have a question regarding my past. When I was 16 (I am 22 now) I would purchase a drink from fast food restaurants whenever I ate a meal there. These were the usual fast food places, such as Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, etc.. and they made it clear you got free refills with the drink purchase. However, I would frequently bring the cup back whenever and fill up and leave. Usually just once a day Monday thru Friday, after school, I would be thirsty and go back in, fill up, and leave, with a cup I bought a day or two previously, but sometimes even a week prior. I didn’t think it was a problem, but I remember after a while of doing this an employee told me I cannot get refills after I leave the restaurant, and must pay again. From then on, I stopped, realising it was wrong. My question is, how will this hurt me in the background investigation? The polygraph? What kind of crime, if any, is this?
    I was not charged; just told to pay I am not allowed to do that, and I had to pay for that time.
    Many background investigations ask if there are any undetected reported crimes. Also, a polygraph can ask about extra things not previously answered in the background investigation. That’s why I ask even though the police were not involved in any way whatsoever.
    *undetected -un-reported crimes

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