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How to use your body language to attract woman?

Three men enter a bar (no this is not the start of a bad joke) one will get a phone number and the others won’t. Want to know the difference between these men? Why one will experience success and the others failure? It all comes down to body language, and using your body language to attract women. Experts tell us that anywhere from 80% – 90% of all communication is nonverbal. So what does that mean? It means that women, who are especially good at reading body language, use your body language to judge you. So body language is extremely important. Probably more important than most of us realize.

So let me tell you about these men. Man number one walks into the bar. Eyes turn, as they will and others notice him. Now he’s a shy, timid man and this shows. His head is down, his shoulders are slumped and pulled in. He enters, looks up quickly to find an empty table and then drops his head again. He walks, probably quickly to the table. If there are groups of people in his way he seems to almost slink and slide between them. In fact he seems to almost shrink to get past these people. In no way does he allow his space to invade someone else’s. Now he’s sitting at the table, he doesn’t make eye contact with the server, he barely looks up. Every person, but especially every woman in the bar has noticed this. What are they thinking? They are thinking he’s a capital ‘L’ loser. Sorry, guys but women do judge us and judge us harshly. She has completely dismissed him as a possible date or mate. Her attention is now elsewhere with only one other thought, “I really hope he doesn’t approach me.”

Now lets say this guy sees a woman he’s attracted to. Let’s say he even gets up the courage to approach her. So he stands up and starts to walk towards this woman. Again, his head is down, he walks quickly and when he reaches her he glances up for just a moment and then mumbles some kind of greeting. Now most women will be gentle with this guy. But he will be rejected. Why? Because his body language said “I’m weak, I’m timid, I’m a pushover, I’m not mate material.”

Now man number two. How’s he doing? Is he using his body language to attract women or repulse women? He enters, head held high, shoulders back and pauses to look around. He sees every woman as a possible conquest and if his eyes should meet a woman’s he doesn’t hold eye contact instead his eyes start to undress her. She feels this and looks away, uncomfortably. Other women are noticing this. He spots a table or in his case he’ll sit up at the bar. As he starts to walk or I should say strut he forces his space on others. If there are groups in his way, he pushes them aside. He’ll walk between two people talking and if it’s a man and a woman, he’ll likely try to brush his body against her’s as he struts past. His body language is telling women that he’s a bully. He’ll glare at men, challenge them to get in his way. He’ll undress women with his eyes. When he does approach a woman he dominates them. He’ll try to stand over them. He must keep women down. Women know this and just like the previous situation women want no part of this. In fact for a woman it is worse to be approached by this guy than the first. She’ll try every means possible to get away from this guy. But he’s already in her space. His hand is on her shoulder or back. She’s leaning away from him, she’s making excuses. This guys body language screams bully, it screams over compensating. Very quickly everyone woman in the place is telling other women to stay away. He’s trouble. Even the men are avoiding this guy, because they know he’s trouble. No, he is not using his body language to attract women.

Now for Man number three. This is the true Alpha. He walks in and pauses. His gaze sweeps the room. He notices everything. Where groups of people are gathered and where a woman is sitting alone. His head is high, but his chin is not jutting out. His shoulders are back, but comfortably so. As his gaze sweeps the room his eyes may make contact with someone else’s, male or female it doesn’t matter he will smile and move his gaze on. He doesn’t let it linger. There is confidence without challenge. He does not need to challenge anyone. As he walks, he walks slowly. He may chose a table or the bar. Either one is fine with him. He’ll take his time, making eye contact, smiling and moving on. He takes up space, but does not have to force his space on others. Simply because he has been noticed in a positive way, people will move out of his way as he walks through the bar. Not out of fear, but out of respect. His body language has already earned him respect and attraction. Now the women are noticing him and their attention is staying focused on him. He is confident without being arrogant. Once he’s chosen a woman to approach he’ll let her know, through body language that he is going to approach her so it’s no surprise to her. He has noticed everything about her and comments on things like her eye color or her dress. He sits with her, he does not need to tower over her in order to be noticed. He puts himself on her level as an equal to her. Now she’s interested and once interested he can now start moving into her space.

To use body language to attract a woman you must first be noticed in the right way. You start communicating with the woman the moment you enter the place. You do not dominate, but you are in control. You are confident. You’ve put yourself in a place of equal to her and now she is at ease with you. Now you can use your body language to turn the heat up. Move into her space, but do so very casually. If she makes a joke laugh and touch the back of her hand. If the two decide to move to a table he will let his hand rest lightly on her lower back, gently guiding her through the crowds and at the same time raising the heat of their encounter. He will now sit beside her, allowing his thigh to touch hers.

Notice how all of his actions are natural. They come from a place of self confidence and attraction to her. He uses his body language to attract women the moment he walks into the bar to the moment he walks out with her. Actually, he is so in tune with the power of body language and is such a natural that he uses body language in everything he does, not just to attract women.

Which man do you want to be? How to use body language to attract women can be learned and practiced and mastered.

If you want to know how it ended. Guy number one went home alone, guy number two got bounced from the bar and guy number three drove the lady home with her number in his phone and plans for the next day.

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  • slipknot0129:

    I really can’t understand her. She used to have feelings toward me and she told me she is attracted to me. After a day, she has started to hurt my feelings like saying move on, find someone better, we should keep distance and we might not get together. Then recently, she started to be nice to me, saying nice things and started addressing me with my nickname (she normally doesn’t do that haha). Then yesterday, we were chatting, she told me, “hey I noticed we are chatting almost everyday” And then she said she wants to stop having contacts with me for a month and wants to see whether am I able to control my self. Btw, she has a bf but not in good terms with him and wants to end the relationship and she told me he wouldn’t allow for a brake up. I’m confused, does she still like me? Am I still in her heart?….

  • Lasagna delivery guy:

    irls plz help why beautiful , gorgeous girls white and indian girls date [sex] with ugly ,not gud looking african black men .as u see in college campuses and at school we always see black and white indian etc

    here looks means attractive face ,nice perfect good looking nose,mouth,eyes,teeths,beautiful,sexy and charming,hot,handsome face etc

    my question is how a gorgeous white and indian girls have sex with these blacks i mean to say blacks face features sux they got big eyes , big lips ,big mouth ,wide bad looking nose and ugly face but still why these girls are mad abt black ….is this bcoz they got dark colour and big dik even though they r attracted to dark and big dik there face features are not good so girls dont see looks in men or not ?how can a girl like a black man who got bad looks that means girls just see body,black colour and dik not the face then whats the use of having good looks ,handsome,sexy,hot ,beautiful for men [frm same race or other race execpt black]

    i am not against black colour bcoz dark is beauty i am just talking abt black race and there features .

    for me when a girl is ugly and bad looking i dont even like to see there face even some bad looking girl tries to talk 2 me i feel Disgusting its really hard to explain what i feel but i dont like bad looking girls where as women love to have sex who is ugly and not good looking black guys i really dont understand female psychology

    i just want to know what u girls feel whn u look at ugly and bad looking black guys also how and why u girls like them i want a honest answer dont tell me bcoz of there attitudes, personlity,swag,funny,dressing etc i think there is something more than that aslo plz tell why u girls dont see looks in men face and what u see in men face, for girls its face or body matters ?if its face why not body if its body why not face .

    also plz tell me the difference between male and female like what women see in men regarding face,looks ,beauty ,body,etc

    sorry girls i am too young dont think i am stupid also dont call me racist i am just sharing what i am feeling if u want u can call me racist but what ever i told its all truth to me and sorry for my english its not good i am bad in english bcoz its my second language plzzzzzzzzzzz help thanks in advance i appreciate for the honest

  • Noe R:

    i talked to this girl for the first day and I ask for her num and she said she doesn’t know me that much so she didn’t want to give it to me.I saw the next day and I was talking to her and she went inside the restroom and I was standing infront of the restroom and we were talking(we talked for about 3 to 4 minutes)she ask for my name and I told her but she didn’t get it.She sometimes sees me on the hallway and walk fast or stares at me like 2 seconds and turns away: so I saw her walking in the hallway after school and I called her and she came over, we started chatting and she said her friend thinks am cute, and I said am not interested,.

    She was like I can hook you up,and I said I don’t like nobody in the skool I only like one person and she looked deep into my eyes.She told me this guy(rodney) that I know likes her but she doesn’t like the guy and she even told me where she lives( we talked for about 10 minutes and I walked her to the main entrance)she really pays attention to whatever I tell her and she gives me all the smiles.She even ask for my name and my grade and she said am cool, am not like the other guys,and I was like are we cool and she said yes but I need to get to know you more.

    I really like her, do you think she likes me ?Nb; she finally told rodney she doesn’t like rodney but she likes someoneelse and riight know she keeps on pointing at me to her friends whenever I see her. does she likes me or what?

    She saw me standing next to my locker and she didn’t even say hi, she just walked away and she saw me today and I try not to talk to her and she said, now you don’t say hi no more and I said I didn’t see her, I also said you don’t even talk to me and she said because I don’t see you. I ask her so whatz up and she said nothing but what about you and I said nothing and she saw her bus and said bye.

    does she like me. we didn’t say hi or talk for 1 week and she said hi to me today and I ask her can I walk you to class and she said okay and she was like, I you not going to be late? and I said is nothing and whiles we were taking she was holding her necklace and asking about my classes.i finally ask for her number again and she said her parents are strict and dont allow her to talk on the phone andshe said she hasn’t seen me ina while, and i was like i was sick and she said i hope u get better.she also said she knows me know since she said she want to know me? should i just be friends with her or go for it

  • Ryan Z:


  • everydayGuitarist:

    how do you approach random in a nightclub? You cant even initiate conversation the music is so loud. I hear guys i know braging about how many they made out with. Ive never made out with a stranger before how do i go about this

  • Matthew David:

    Jeanette Winterson, in the book written on the body, used the language of science to integrate love and science. At the beginning of the book on (pg9), she used science of weather to explain the dryness, narrating how tree were growing their root deep into the dry ground, and not producing grapes. She relates this when she wrote, “Not this year the pleasure of rolling blue grapes between the finger and thumb juicing my palm with musk.” Here she used word pleasure meaning love.
    On (pg18), she used the word quantum physicist when she tells of infinite pleasure and time without end. Here she is comparing love with time and the importance of love and time. She also used the month June On (pg 20) which she describes as moist, looking for love. She also said on (pg 26) “I open the can of lentils and listen to ‘science now’ on the wireless.” She in the book describe Jacqueline her lover who was working in the Zoo and comparing how Jacqueline was treating her like big cat, and was proud of her. This incorporate, wildlife science with real love, experienced by lover’s everyday.
    Science of doctors is also used in the book, to heighten to the readers the integration with love. When she talk of Bathsheba who was a dentist, (pg25) she wrote she could not predict romance in a woman, because of the love she had with Bathsheba. She wrote about the science of bio molecular and the chemical bond formed comparing it with the union between lovers. Here she meant Louise, Elgin wife. Elgin was a doctor, who worked in Switzerland scientific laboratory, where he uses computer science for his study of diseases and cell multiplications, where he saw gene therapy as sexy, thus integrating love with science of medicine. In addition, his dad worked as chemist and owned a chemist shop, and his mum died of cancer.
    Jeanette Winterson also integrated language of science with love, when she talks of clap clinics (pg20) describing venereal diseases, which are associated with love, and love making. Also, her talk of Nitric acid, cloning acid, which as her mention is used
    For cloning lovers, cleaning the past, and making the future of love fresh. She wonders also what causes, or the force that attracts people towards each other’s. She tries to answer by assuming chemistry or biological drive plays the roll to choose the good lover. This proves how she put science in love or love in science, making them one to one partners.
    She explains science of Cell division (mitosis) which spearheads the body growth, and maintaining healthy body by replacing worn out cell. Here, she explains Louise health condition, because Louise is diagnosed with leukemia: multiplication of white blood cell in her body in large number, which results to tremendous danger of the body. She curves the love she wonders whether she can go inside Louise and block the mass production of the cell. This She wonder because of the love for Louise She had. The books also discuss about the naked eye, which cannot see the cell of the body without the aid of tools. Love language integrated by telling how she has enjoyed seeing the parts of her naked body, calling thee body “landing strip.” Mouth is discussed when the book narrate the lining and how well the narrator know Louise mouth through kissing. In the mouth she talk of teeth which “after sex you tiger –tear your food…” this show how well the language of love and science is well used in the book.
    Cavity, She discuss it by starting with the phrase “let me penetrate you “here She talk of how Louise was smart and how She was fond of her, and how She has held Louise head with desire to excavate her skin. She also talks of her eyes, ears, nostril, cheekbones and the hair. Science is used to show how much she loved Louise, when in the book her talk of herself being inside all Louise body cavity. Skin, dermis and Epidermis discussed using love language when she tell how dead cell protect body from attack, and compare her to outside attack. Thus, telling of her skin taste when she runs her tongue on her body and the hair on breast. Love is integrated when She talk of how their skin with Louise are sensitive f heir touching one another, and their body bruises of making love.

    SHE also integrate love and science when She talk of clavicle/collar bone, calling it “the largest sexual attraction” the narrator choose the science as way of proofing, how She integrated love with science in a sense to proofing how Louise body was amazing and erotic to her. This embracing science and love proved how well the narrator integrated both.


    This girl came up to me and asked me for my phone # and said we should go watch a movie, but I told her I couldn’t and gave her a later date. About a month later, I told this girl I liked her. I have known her as an *acquaintance* for 2 months and when I confessed she told me I could regard her as whatever I want. However, a week later she told me that we were “friends” and that she had no other feelings beyond that. So we were technically bf/gf for about a week until this happened.

    So yesterday, me, her, and a couple of friends went for lunch and everything was fine but I didn’t really talk to her that much. I think it was kind of awkward between us but she kept smiling (not just at me, in general).
    In honest opinion, I think she was trying to avoid me today at first but later when I mainly talked to her friend and my friend, she opened up or something. Her friend and I sort of flirted but not severely (we played footsie on accident). My interactions with the girl I like were cordial and polite, and that was it.

    Now, her friend and I have started some flirting. Today the girl I like and I held eye contact for a while and didn’t smile or say anything, I took my eyes off first.

    So will “backing off” from her and flirting with other girls have a chance at getting her interest back? How good/bad is this chance.. and even if I do get her interest what will happen? No sympathy, just the straight up truth would be nice. If no chance, wtf, I will just forget about her.

    Please try not to give me a cookie-cutter answer if you can. Thanks :)

  • Jon P:

    I had to do an essay on curley’s wife. Can you please tell me what you think about it?
    Curley’s wife is the downfall of the dream of Lennie and George. She is dressed in red, this foreshadows the danger her character gives. In her first appearance she stands in the door way and blocks out the sun – this physical darkening is metaphorical of her darkening of the dream. The fact that Curley’s wife has no name and is always referred to as “Curley’s wife” Suggests she is a possession. She has no importance among the ranch workers however, she is a complex worker who although, referred to as someones property; has her own dreams of being a film star. Like crooks, Curley’s wife craves attention. We first hear about her through Candy and not introduced to her up front, We see her through someone elses eyes first before we see her through the writers eyes. The first thing we get told about her its that she ‘has the eye’ as we already know she wears a lot of red this information could be hinting to her danger.When she is perceived by candy she is perceived to be all that goes wrong in Soledad. Curley’s wife appears to be trying to get the men into trouble but her dreams and frustrations show she is lonely. Her appearance when we first see her is ‘Full rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made-up’, as well as red fingernails and elaborate hair. She is described as a ‘tramp’ and a ‘tart’ before we properly meet up, these suggestions made by Candy are then backed up further in the story with her body language ‘she put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame, so that her body was thrown forward’, and her flimsy excuse to be with the men in their quarters contributes to the rancher’s view of her as a ‘tramp’. She both talks and acts playfully and flirtatiously in front of the other ranch workers. As we already know she wears a lot of red, this colour not only symbolises danger but also symbolises an impure woman suggesting she is immoral. Though her physical appearance and her own actions we can tell that Candy’s description of Curley’s wife seems accurate after her first appearance. Red is a primary colour therefore children are attracted to it, it is a colour children want to wear because it is bright and has an element of happiness to it. Therefore Curley’s wife wearing the colour red may symbolise a child’s attraction to bright colours portraying her as youthful. Curley’s wife’s wide spaced eyes may portray her as a naive character, however, her wide spaced eyes could illustrate innocence. As she is shown to be ‘heavily made up’ it suggests she is trying to be someone she;s not. But having wide spaced eyes is something she is unable to change, this fact could be implying that although red symbolises impurity and the fact that maybe she isn’t innocent her eyes imply the opposite, but she has to keep up her tough exterior. Curley’s wife is the only female character in the book and her appearance could link to the incident in weed that George and Lennie spoke about before getting to the ranch. Curley’s wife represents the loneliness of the ranch workers. Even thought she has her husband, she feels empty inside and feels very alone which suggests why she always hangs around the other men on the ranch. She doesn’t necessarily try to talk to the men to start trouble but she just wants someone to talk to and who will listen, this is why she takes a special liking to Lennie. Overall Curley’s wife is portrayed as dangerous she is portrayed in the way the writer wants her to be seen but she is in fact innocent and pure and dresses the way she does to get attention as she feels lonely.

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