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Brides start to hunt for their ideal wedding dress almost immediately after the engagement. A bride is likely to spend most of her time searching for the perfect gown to dazzle on the special day.

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  • balinderk2000:

    my sweets in august so i needa plan now now i want a nice white gown not skinny dress though like cinderlla i really need help please i dont want colors i want white i live in new jersey if that means anything
    yeah im planning it now problem ??

  • Arminator:

    I went to a seamstress about a year ago to get a dress… they made me buy the material and everything and they told me they would call me when the dress was done. I remember i needed it for the next week for a party. But I never got the call, I called a couple times and they said the dress wasnt ready yet. I ended up going with a different dress to the party and i had forgotten all about it till now. Do you think they would of held the dress till now. I want to find out their phone number and call them but i searched for them online and can’t get to the website they had. IF i do find the number do you think they would still have the dress??
    P.s: does anyone know any good seamstress in the CT area? cause I really want someone to make the dress even if i have to buy the materials again….. but someone who will actually call me when it’s ready.

  • Matthew:

    Is there anywhere I can find maternity wedding dresses for around $99.? with the baby we cant afford it, and thats the most my dad will pay… I can find NORMAL wedding dresses for that price but with alterations it skyrockets the price, i really wanna be married before the baby is born, and i really want a traditional wedding dress, not some ugly velvet thing…. also no, I can’t sew. and if it helps before i was pregnant i was a dress size 0 (slightly smaller but thats the closest)
    my dad unfortunately wont buy ebay :(
    also i know im not size 0, but im still that short, and cant alter anything, every maternity clothing item ive tried fits my tummy, but goes to my breasts when its supposed to be on my hips, i am 5’0 but i also have no hips, despite being pregnant my hips didnt grow o.O
    I tried goodwill, sizes 2-6.. even with the size 2′s i looked like i was a child playing dressup in mommy’s clothes x.x
    i’m 8 months now, and im getting married within the month, so no, and no i am not going to wait until after it’s born, that isn’t right on her part.
    I’ve never had a single peice of decently nice clothing in my ENTIRE life. i want a normal lacy wedding dress. it’s the only chance im ever going to have.
    You know what lady?
    David is god’s favorite.
    He had over 10 kids, wach born to a different woman,
    only 4 of which was he married to.
    and somehow,
    God was okay with this,
    so stfu. ^^
    I did think about the dress before i got pregnant btw.
    But my grandma was supposed to buy it, and she decided not to because im letting my dad come to the wedding, and my grandma is my mom’s mom (they’re divorced).

  • therundown2k3:

    I just started working as a Bridal Consultant for Davids Bridal and I am already LOVING it.

    I would love to hear from all of you on how you went about finding your wedding dress.

    Please describe how you knew it was the one and what it was you loved about it.

    How many did you look at before you found the one? Etc…

  • Jeanelle the Retard:

    What happened to the long sleeved wedding dress? I’ve been researching wedding dresses online and I would say 95% are strapless or have short straps. Why are wedding gown designers so narrow-minded? When looking for a sleeved gown you have few choices and many of them aren’t that great. What about the women who are getting married in winter, those who have tattoos or scars on their arms they want to conceal, those with disabilities, or who just feel that their arms aren’t really their best feature and would prefer to have them covered? Or those who need more modest gowns for religious reasons? To be honest, some women’s upper arms are too beefy to look good in strapless, but they go with a strapless anyway because there are few other choices. Will we ever see more well designed sleeved gowns on the market? I might have to make my own…
    ok… I take what I said about “women with beefy arms” back… that was a bit harsh.
    I did a bit of my own research and i thought : Why not get a gown inspired by period costumes? I found some dressmakers in the United Kingdom who do sleeved gowns inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites (medieval style), or Elizabethan era or 18th century style gowns such as Marie Antoinette would have worn. I found these dressmakers who do these sorts of gowns, and some of them were fabulous, and the designers were open to taking on your ideas.
    Chantal Mallett

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