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We’ve all felt intimidated before and we don’t like it very much. However, it is a part of life. It’s important to remember what intimidation is and what it isn’t. Intimidation is, simply, a form of communication used to get compliance through the use of fear. It is, to the intimidator, a means to an end. However, a threat is a form of communication used to not only create fear, but explicitly announce an outcome of a causal relationship, e.g., “If you don’t give me your money, I’m going to kill you.”

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  • veemodz:

    The Mafia are simple dictators running around above the law in our nation.

    The Mafia operates and expands in silence as the people they control are afraid to speak out.

    The Mafia can be compared to Cancer; if you ignore cancer it will destroy you.

    The Italian Mafia controls a huge number of Americans just like slaves through the use of fear and intimidation. They can use these people as they wish because the people have nowhere to turn for help.

    They can control any one they wish judges, politicians, and police and force them to act against their will and or corrupt them.

    This goes against every principal our nation stands for, especially liberty and the rule of Law.

    Every American deserves freedom and the simple way to restore their freedom is to shine a bright light on the Mafia by informing the general public of what the Mafia is doing.
    When the general population is aware of the threat to basic freedom the Mafia represents it will force our leaders to act. Our government must be forced to defend our citizens liberty.

    The problem is how to get the word out when no politician of news person will stand up to the Mafia.

    The simple answer is to start a resistance movement that is what is done every time people fight dictators around the world.

    The standard symbol for resistance used around the world is the red letter V for Victory.
    This symbol was used against the Germans in World War II. The red letter V must be spray painted everywhere people congregate and on the highways.

    We have 3000 Mafia vs. 300 million of us. This will not even be a fight if the people stand up and take action.
    Freedom will not be restored overnight, but it will work.

  • Lachlan:

    My history day topic is Lois Jenson vs. the eveleth taconite company. I have already used yahoo, google, ask, and dogpile! I also dont know how to start the script because im doing a performance!

  • Ray D:

    My husband of 30+ years has to work on New Years eve. It seemed to me that for the last year or so he has had to work on literally every important day of our relationship… for instance he had to work on our anniversary… my birthday… his birthday… most holidays. I wondered about it but didn’t make it an issue until I just found out that he VOLUNTEERED to work all those days. I usually have things planned for those days… like going out to eat at a steak house and then to a club for some dancing … stuff like that. I make reservations and then have to cancel because he told me that he had to work just before the event. We never use to go out much mostly because of my size (275 pounds) before the last couple of years but since I have taken the weight off (at 130 now) I find that I like going out in public with him and not be self conscious about my looks any more. I DO NOT act like an idiot or wh*&^ in public and I dress nice but not slutty.

    When I found out he was volunteering all the time for these events… I asked him why and he tells me that he feels nervous and threatened when we go out now. WTF!!!! I am not taking my clothes off in bars or acting like a slut. I sit and talk to him while we eat and then at the clubs I sit with him and watch the couples dance. We visit with other people in our age group. I don’t get drunk and neither does he.

    He is threatened by my looks now??? When he would tell me he needed to work I would cancel my plans and just sit at home that evening waiting for him to get home. That is what he wants… me to just sit at home.

    My question is…. should I cancel my New Years Eve plans now or just go without him?????????? SInce he volunteered to work… should I just sit at home AGAIN?????
    Ya I know he is at work… he’ll be 50 miles out in the middle of nowwhere on an oil rig with like 5 other guys. He will be running water truck for the guys. In fact a couple of them called and want me to send some homemade cookies with him …. they like my cooking.

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